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August 15, 2022

University of Phoenix’s Educational Equity Webinar Discusses Generational Differences in the Workplace

On June 16, 2022, University of Phoenix welcomed speaker LaTasha Williams to one of its latest webinars where she introduced virtual attendees to the challenges of understanding multi-generational workplaces and bridging generational differences. Williams, MBA, SHRM-CP, CCTC, ACRW, is a certified career strategy and leadership development coach and is the talent acquisition and leadership director of The Modern Millennial Careers & Consulting.

Tondra Richardson, MBA and Saray Lopez, MBA, both directors of Student Diversity & Inclusion for University of Phoenix, hosted the online discussion. Representing the University’s Office of Educational Equity, the hosts were prime choices to present and lead discussions with Williams throughout the webinar.

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Shifting Perspectives and the Webinar’s Purpose

During the webinar, entitled “Building Bridges Among Generational Differences in the Workplace,” Williams dug into the subtleties of generational talk and discussed how to approach multi-generational workplaces.

The educational webinar was the latest installment of the Educational Equity webinar series. Designed to create thought-provoking discussions surrounding equity and inclusion within the community, workplaces and the classroom, the webinar’s purpose was to promote inclusive leadership and encourage unity.

By the end of the event, all virtual attendees were able to understand how to deconstruct generational talk and alter their perspectives away from stereotypes and toward defining moments. This allowed them to reflect and understand important concepts including the true meaning of a generation.

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The webinar gave viewers the tools to fundamentally shift their perspectives on what is and isn’t a generation. Moving forward, this knowledge will allow the webinar participants to teach, train, coach and develop in multi-generational workplaces.

Importance Beyond the Webinar

As part of the public series of webinars, the event wasn’t just intended for University of Phoenix faculty, students and alumni. The University also encourages educators, DEI practitioners, higher education leaders, administrators, employers, nonprofit organizations and government affiliates across the globe to make the most of the informational sessions.

The wide reaching target audience enabled Williams to spread the message of generational differences in the workplace far and wide, ensuring that participants carry the purpose of the webinar (to challenge perceptions of what generations are) beyond the event’s discussion and, ultimately, implement new thought patterns in their work and lives.

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About LaTasha Williams

Over the last decade, Williams’ career has progressed rapidly. She has often been asked what the secret to her success is, so she knows she has defined a unique career strategy. Progressing as a millennial leader created her desire to empower others in their careers and make an impact on the workplace. That’s why Williams established her company The Modern Millennial and began a new mission: to share the tricks and tips she’s learned throughout her career with those who are looking to build their own inspiring futures.

Williams began her career with “zero direction” as a server but has since grown her enterprise to six figures. She had no mentors to help her with motivation, purpose or impact. So, rather than relying on others, she taught herself the tricks of the trade to pave the way for a truly fulfilling career. She now imparts that very advice to thousands of other professionals, whether they’re juniors or executives.

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When discussing the webinar and her career, Williams explained that there’s a “secret sauce for career growth no matter your age — and that [is] to teach leaders how to act like their generation but harness the power of the next while learning how to uncover your power in the workplace.”

Williams has been certified in over 15 leadership development certifications and awarded Top Women in Grocery, Millennial Voice of the Future, Career Influencer and Next Generation Leader. She’s a two-times certified career coach and resume writer, LinkedIn Pro, Top Career Coach on Thumbtack and Hidden Job Market Coach.

Williams defines her mission as helping early- and mid-career professionals rethink their career strategies to allow them to leverage their generations in the workplace.

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The Educational Equity Webinar Series

Diversity is in the DNA of the Office of Educational Equity at University of Phoenix. With an active approach to building relationships and raising cultural awareness, inclusion is at the heart of everything they do. The Office of Educational Equity aims to make a difference by nurturing cultural awareness, which it achieves by providing thought leadership and forming community alliances. In turn, this leadership and these alliances promote and sustain educational equity and diversity initiatives.

The Office of Educational Equity’s series of webinars is just one example of its thought leadership in action. The events create safe spaces for thought-provoking conversations about inclusion and equity within the classroom and workplace as well as in the wider world. This webinar about building bridges to overcome generational differences in the workplace is one of the many intriguing discussions that the Office of Educational Equity encourages.

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Previous webinars have included:

  • Addressing Emotional and Structural Barriers
  • Navigating Social Justice Diversity and Inclusion in Everyday Situations
  • Colorism in the Workplace
  • Fostering Unity While Addressing Inequalities
  • Code Switching
  • Future Challenges for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Catch up on University of Phoenix’s Office of Educational Equity webinars.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix gives adults and nontraditional learners the opportunity to further their educational goals while helping students navigate their career opportunities and complete degree programs that suit their interests. The degree programs at the University align with multiple in-demand career paths. From cybersecurity to nursing and business, the degree programs have flexible start dates, online classes and several scholarship opportunities that give anyone the chance to obtain a degree that can help them achieve their aspirations in the working world.

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University of Phoenix’s Career Services for Life® commitment, available to both current students and graduates, provides the resources needed to be prepared when entering the workforce for no additional charge. These resources include education and networking opportunities, career guidance, interview support and resume advice. For more information, visit www.phoenix.edu.


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