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June 15, 2022

How to Clear IBPS PO Exam?

The first and foremost rule of clearing any examination is to deeply and thoroughly understand the syllabus, go through it once before you start preparing for it, and keep on updating yourself from time to time. Since in today’s scenario change is the only constant, every organisation wants its employees to be well updated and to possess skills that are needed in accordance with today’s technology and environment. As far as the IBPS PO Exam is concerned, the IBPS PO syllabus more or less remains the same. Only the way questions are asked in the exam might get moulded from time to time.

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In-depth Analysis of the Syllabus

One must always understand and accept that there are certain areas one is exemplary at, but at the same time there are things an individual lacks. An in-depth analysis of the IBPS PO syllabus will give you a deep insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Once you understand your strengths, you can start working on them and harnessing them. On the other hand, you can take up your weak topics, one by one, and start understanding them thoroughly, too. This will allow you to cover the syllabus to the best of your abilities, improve your preparation and take you one step closer to becoming IBPS PO, every day.

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Tips for Covering Maximum IBPS PO Syllabus

There are certain points one must keep in mind while we are preparing for the IBPS PO examination, to improve one’s efficiency with each passing day:

  • Study in Accordance with Available Time

It is important to understand that only so much can be done in a limited period of time. It is important that one should start as early as possible, to be able to cover the maximum syllabus and give the utmost performance in the examination. But, oftentimes, we are lagging behind the deadlines we had set for ourselves and we are constantly struggling to complete the syllabus on time. Here is when we realise the importance of in-depth analysis and study of the syllabus. If you know the syllabus well, you can utilise the limited time you have in hand, to cover the maximum syllabus, and leave room for repeated revision as well.

  • Don’t Overburden Yourself
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Any attempt to overburden yourself will only do harm to your overall performance in the IBPS PO examination. Once you have analysed your strengths and weaknesses, work accordingly and smartly.

  • Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals for Yourself

A complete understanding of the IBPS PO syllabus will undoubtedly enlighten your path toward cracking the examination. Don’t let the path become foggy by setting unrealistic standards or goals for yourself while preparing for the examination. Take the time you have in hand as an opportunity to learn new topics as well as revise previous ones. Try to maintain an equilibrium between the two.

  • Efficiency is the Key
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Learning efficiently is very crucial in attempting to clear any examination. It is a measure of one’s academic progress that includes both improvement of performance and the aspirant’s learning time. The higher the learning efficiency, the less time it takes for the aspirant to achieve the set learning target or goal. You can adopt the following ways to improve learning efficacy:

  • Teach Someone Else
  • Avoid Multitasking
  • Remove Stress
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Good food and sound sleep


A mock test is a very important element in the preparation for the IBPS PO examination. It gives you a clear insight into what to expect on the examination day and prepares you well in advance. Be consistent with mock tests as well as previous year’s question papers.

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With a proper understanding of the syllabus, one can easily be prepared for the examination and crack it as well. With the help of BYJU’S Exam Prep, the aspirants can learn about the exam pattern, and preparation tips and have access to study plans, test series, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers, and gain expertise on the different topics from mentors, for the IBPS PO examination.



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