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May 26, 2022

Automate Business Processes With These Easy Steps

Have you been growing your business but getting kind of stuck? A lot of manual labor can be tedious and time-sucking, especially if we find ourselves running out of time to do the other things that actually matter. But figuring out how to automate certain processes without hiring extra manpower can be pretty difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.


But, how can you automate some of your business processes? What are some of the best processes that you should be trying to automate in the first place? Is there anything, in particular, you can do to learn what you’re doing, or any companies who can just do the work for you?

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If you’re tired of completing tedious and repetitive tasks every week or even every day, here are some easy ways that you can get started with automation. It might be a little bit easier than you think.


Consider Completing Some API Integrations

What exactly are API integrations? API integrations are application program interfaces that get integrated into your business operations in some way, but this is generally the case especially with the data that you would be collecting or have collected already.


If you’ve been collecting data into one application and have had it converted into another application or software, that’s just one example of API integrations. However, you might have been doing this more manually in the past. This can significantly slow down your ability to focus on the more temperamental or important things going on in your company.

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Some key things to consider when you’re looking to start performing API integrations include some of the best practices for handling errors related to your data; keeping track of what kind of progress you’re able to make by writing down what works, what doesn’t work, and how long things are taking with timestamps; and whether or not you want to be transparent.


This transparency could apply to other members of your company who may not always have access to the data directly but would be able to benefit from knowing what works or what doesn’t. It could additionally apply to customers, depending on the products or services that you’re offering to them.

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For example, it reduces the likelihood of frustration in customers if they know your company normally takes a couple of days to respond to a request or a report of an issue.


What Business Processes Should I Automate?

If you’re in a position where you know that you need to automate some parts of your business, but you just don’t know where to start, it can be extremely helpful to be pointed in the right direction. What parts of your business should be as automated as possible? Or what parts should be the absolute priority to be automated first?


Automate Your Customer Service Practices

Depending on how outfacing your company is with the general public, you might want to consider a number of things. However, you should not skimp on customer service, claims Robomq.

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Customer service is an important part of your business that you should be automating, no matter what kind of business you happen to be operating. Businesses will generally have some kind of customer base, at least if the end goal is to turn some kind of profit.


Making sure that processes are thoroughly outlined and streamlined for your customer service and outreach teams is vital to maintaining the outside appearance of your company in the eyes of the public. It helps to determine whether your company will be referred to customers’ friends and family members, as well as the general reputation of your business or brand.

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Automating Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Getting a new employee associated with the processes of your company is difficult enough, just in terms of the emotional stress and time restraints that come with it. However, you shouldn’t need to make employee onboarding more difficult than it already is.


Employee onboarding paperwork is frequently complicated, what with filling out contracts, getting clearance for salary, and ironing out exactly what tasks are going to be assigned to your new team member on the first day. It would even do you well to consider what they should be doing long term.


It’s also incredibly difficult to lose an employee, whether they’ve been fired, laid off, or left on their own terms. Emotionally taxing and overwhelming because you don’t know where the old workload is going to go, try to make the legal work as easy as possible.

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What Steps Do I Take to Automate my Business?

All processes generally start with an end goal in mind. For example, if you want to hire a new employee, you need to figure out how to do that. But you also need to figure out what role they would be filling, what their tasks would be, and where the budget to hire a new person is coming from.


So begin with figuring out the processes for your business tasks, or if you’ve been running for a while, determine what your process is and write it out in an understandable way.


You can go from there to determine which parts of these tasks are actually potentially automatable. Additionally, you can figure out which tasks can be best addressed with your personal capabilities, according to Pipefy.

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Also useful is figuring out a wishlist for all of the things you would eventually like to be automated within your regular business operations. Setting this up can help you more easily streamline your research process.


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