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May 6, 2022

Twitter Checklist: 10x Your Marketing Growth in 2022 

When it comes to getting a better marketing campaign, Twitter always pops up as a powerful tool. You can have a great presence on all the other platforms and still lack the essence of it. Twitter is the first place where a trend sneaks into the online world. You should want to start investing in finding out all the apt marketing strategies to create a firm foundation for your Brand.

With more than 570 billion watch rates, Twitter serves as an insightful part of your marketing strategy.

If you just started building your “zero to one”, Go ahead and buy Twitter followers to support the growth rate of your audience and enhance the trustworthiness of the services or products you offer.

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The platform is flooded with over 500 million tweets each day and hence needs a strategic development policy to support the actual growth.

What is a Twitter Marketing Strategy? How to Build One?

Twitter Marketing Strategy is a firm, logical roadmap that will lead to generating a better database on Twitter without hassling around to put various shards together. Overall, Twitter’s success requires a strategic yet savage plan to conquer and attract the viewer in the first place.

Whereas plenty of competition already prevails on this platform, there is a discrete advantage to it. Twitter is the trend-setter of the social media world. Each hashtag that goes trendy can be easily optimised to create content that is appreciated by a larger chunk of the audience.

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We know that it’s a lot of information to process and finally put forth in action but once you have audited your account to be a consistent business site, posting witty stuff. It becomes far more approachable and understandable to the audience.


8 Witty Tips to Multiply Your Twitter Marketing With Ease

  • Start with Finishing 

As complicated as this sounds, it isn’t. Trust us! All you need to do is fully optimize your profile for the brand. Complete your profile with all the basic details and handle each element with utmost attention because this is going to be the first impression on your audience.

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To begin with, think of the smartest name and merge it up with a little jazz and humour. The “witty” adjective never seems out of date. You can either generate a name in this format or choose something different or unique that also serves the purpose of brand identification.

Then the second step starts with choosing a Detailed Profile picture, this is where you need to put forth a contrast if your handle name is detail-oriented, keep the profile pictures simple and sober if the situation is on the flip side, do it the other way around.

Finally comes the cover picture and bio, keep the bio crisp and try completing it within 50-60 characters. The cover picture should be an update sort of thing for the current campaigns you’re running or working on.

  • Choose Your Signature: Now, this might seem a bit cliche but sure it isn’t. Try to start a relatable signature step or action that you do on purpose to give your audience a “feel at home” vibe. An illustration of this is Starbucks ’ policy to write the wrong spellings on purpose or Cristiano’s popular and legendary signature step.
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Your brand needs to be as original as possible and people should relate to what it has to offer. Avoid posting similar content on each of the platforms especially Twitter because this is the place where you can make your Uniqueness, a strong brand voice.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to start being sincere about posting consistently. Twitter is not a game for one night. Every viral post that you see on the internet is a reflection of their constant efforts to make it large.

  • Optimal Scheduling : Your Twitter Strategy needs to be properly scheduled so that you don’t run out of content last minute. Two ways can help you streamline the efforts you are spending on this. You can either hire a content strategist or rely on planning software like Google Calendar and Notion to pre-plan the timings as well as subject matter.
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This helps you get a hold above others because you are spending most of the available time researching new ideas instead of scratching your head in worry.

  • Visual > Text: Graphics help the context to be understood better than any text format. Visuals establish a string of entertaining graphics but at the same time give relevant information. We as humans, obviously, connect better to what we see rather than hear or probably even read.

Add GIFs and other delightful visuals to your post and watch how the engagement surpasses triple the amount of current rate.

  • Don’t OverDo It: Don’t just keep talking about yourself, listen to what your audience and fellow competitors have to offer sometimes as well. Reply to their attacks with wit and wisdom, maybe distract your audience from your “brand talks” for a while.
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All the strategic ways mentioned above are not rule-bound, all you need to do is try pursuing them and see for yourself if that risk really paid off.


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