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April 28, 2022

Most Popular Sports Leagues in India

India is one of the most densely populated countries. That is why the sports that Hindus are fond of are the most popular in the world. The people of India are captivated not only by the sports competitions themselves but also by betting on them. Betting is the largest source of income in the Indian gambling market. An excellent choice for bettors is betting on srl t20 at Parimatch bookmaker. The company offers the widest betting lines, high quotes, and comfortable conditions for playing in pre-match and live. This is the best choice for those who want to earn as much as possible on sports predictions. There are many sports in India, but only a few of them are very popular among fans and bettors.

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This is the national sport, which was brought to the territory of India at a time when the country was a colony of Britain. Since then, cricket has been closely associated with the culture, history, and heritage of India. In 2008, a tournament was created for this sport – “Twenty 20”. Today it is the most successful cricket competition in the world. The IPL not only brings positive emotions to the players and fans but also makes a great contribution to the Indian economy. The Indian team has achieved high results in this sport. She received the World Championship Cup, reached the finals of the championships more than once, and has many world awards.

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Another sports discipline that came to India during the time of the British colonialists. Despite the long history of football in this country, the Indians have not been successful in this sport. They are ranked 147th on the International Football Federation’s list. However, millions of Indian fans enjoy watching matches and betting on local matches and international tournaments.


This sports game originated in India and is loved by all the inhabitants of the country. In 2014, the Indians organized a professional Kabaddi league, since then the sport has attracted even more fans and spectators. The first season of the League was visited by more than 435 million people. Funding for the game has increased significantly, as has the number of bets per game.

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In this sport, India has achieved great results on the world stage. This is the second most popular sport in the country, only cricket attracts more Indians. Premier League matches, India’s premier tournament, are watched by 2019 million fans. Another plus is that badminton is broadcast on TV. This allows fans to enjoy interesting matches without visiting stadiums.

Field hockey

Often this sport is considered national in India and this is not surprising, the country is one of the most advanced field hockey in the world. The league was founded in 2013. Six clubs are playing in India today. Many of them play up to ten matches in the first season, which lasts two months, and after that, they move on to the playoff series. In the Olympic field hockey competition, India won eight gold medals. Today it ranks eighth in the world in this sport.

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This mind sport originated in India and is the most popular mind game in the country. The current world chess champion is an athlete from India – Vishy Ananda. Adults and children play chess in India. Chess competitions attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of spectators.



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